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Theories Of Intelligence

Theories of Intelligence

Theories of Intelligence

1. Binet-Simon intelligence scale developed by Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon.

2. Stanford-Binet intelligence scale [Revised Binet scale in 1916] developed by Lewis Terman of Stanford University.

3. Unifactor Theory or Single factor Theory of intelligence was given by Alfred Binet.

4. Two factor theory of intelligence was propounded by Charles Spearman.

  -> This theory has two factors :

 a) General Factor(g)[General Intelligence]

b) Specific Factor(s)[Specific Intellectual  activity]

c)Two factor theory of intelligence is developed in 1904.

5. Multi-factor theory of intelligence is propounded by E L Thorndike.

6. Group factor theory of Intelligence is developed by Louis L Thurstone.
-> Thurstone's theory focused on 7 different primary abilities :
 -Reasoning -Verbal Comprehension
-Perceptual Speed -Numerical Ability
-Word Fluency -Associative Memory
-Spatial Visualisation

7. Sampling Theory of intelligence was developed by Godfrey Thompson.

8. The hierarchical theory of intelligence was propounded by Cyril burt & Vernon.

9. Three Dimensional Theory of intelligence  was propounded by JP Guilford.
  -> JP Guilford proposed 3 dimensions of mental ability.
                     (a) Operations
                     (b) Products
                     (c) Contents
11. Fluid & Crystallized intelligence theory was given by Raymond Cattell & John Horn.

12. Multiple intelligence was developed by Howard Gardener.

13. First intelligence test was developed in the year :
-> 1905

14) Who said " Intelligence is the general ability" ?
-> Spearman, Terman, Ebbinghaus

15. Who said, "Intelligence is the power of discrimination and Selection" ?
-> Francis Galton

16. Three factor theory of intelligence was given by :
-> Spearman

17. Primary and Common factor theories explain the Unifactor theory.

18. binet Simon scale was administred in:
-> 1908

19. The first intelligence test was made by Alfred Binet and Simon.

20. intelligent quotient is expressed as :

-> IQ = M.A/C.A×100
-> where IQ= Intelligence Quotient
                M.A = Mental Age
                C.A = Chronological Age


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